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Biafra And Nnamdi Kanu: Nigeria Must Abort That Evil Plan Now!

Nnamdi Kanu

The owners of the fraudulent Nigeria which you know have met and decided to try the Abacha/Abiola scenarios in order to salvage the ailing Nigeria ship as they did before with the help of their imperial masters and Kofi Annan of UN.

This time they shall fail woefully because Nnamdi Kanu is not MKO Abiola and is not in the same spiritual sphere and category as MKO.

They know the Tyrant is nowhere to be seen. There is a lockjam and the Presidency has crashed.

A lot of secrets, intrigues, manipulations and conspiracies are presently ongoing.

Nigerians are the most spineless and gullible people politically on the face of the earth. Bribe them, buy them over or intimidate them and they scamper to safety caring only for their daily bread and self.

The Nigerian government has no right to impound the British passport of Nnamdi Kanu. Their only right begins and ends with his Nigerian passport.

What happens should Nnamdi Kanu denounce his Nigerian citizenship right now with an affidavit? What shall the Nigerian State do?

As it is, Nigeria has no case to prove in this matter and must therefore release #NnamdiKanu and all the Prisoners of Conscience unconditionally NOW!

Boko Haram terrorists were released with no conditions and drafted into the Janjaweed Nigerian Security forces! They were treated like spoilt children and with dignity. Why then should a different draconian conditions be applied to those who never overran any millitary barracks or commited any acts of terror???

As we speak the map of Nigeria has already been redrawn. Benin Republic has reclaimed its communities in the western axis and yet Nigeria kept mute. Bakassi was ceded to Cameroon unilaterally by Olusegun Obasanjo following a World Court ruling and no one bothered till date. Right now there is an impregnable Caliphate proclaimed in the North East and Nigerians are deceived daily on the territorial integrity of a collapsing entity !

Where is your territorial integrity when Boko Haram already runs an independent Caliphate already carved out of your land?

Why are they after Sanusi Lamido Sanusi? It is all a smokescreen and game plan of the Mafia and Oligarchy. They simply wants to return the stool to its rightful heir and position SLS for President come 2019 if their should be any Nigeria by 2019. The maneuvers have already begun, they are crisscrossing the landscape especially Biafraland to get some rotten and senseless efulefus on board.

The stage is set but they want to eliminate Nnamdi Kanu and contain the crisis that may erupt by instant and clinical millitary action but THEY SHALL FAIL MISERABLY!!!

Nigeria shall become like biblical Populos No that ceased to be and became a byword!

Let the Nigerian State be put on notice that there shall be such a conflagration that no one has ever imagined and which shall never be put out till Nigeria becomes history should the evil and corrupt dying and fading elite proceed with their agenda of eliminating Nnamdi Kanu and suppressing all agitation with full force of arms!.

Mark these words clearly!

Where is Tyrant Buhari? He wanted power desperately by all means and shed so much blood for it yet can no longer be seen. Where is Buhari hiding? Shall we look for him in the land of the dead or where?

All matters are concealed!!!

No hair of Nnamdi Kanu should ever be tampered with. All violence against Biafrans activist must cease forthwith!

“Do no more violence to my people” says the ETERNAL ONE!

Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra must be allowed to go in peace!

Nigeria must today choose to dwell with Biafra as neigbours and respect its dignity and the dignity of her people or becomes a desolate and cursed land. Togo is dwelling peacefully with Benin Republic, Malaysia is dwelling peacefully with Singapore!

It is satanic to force unity upon a people!

Forced unity is worse than rape!

Let #Biafra go!!!

May GOD bless Biafra and all those who love her forever!

Under Solemn Oath

This is solely the opinion of DrPatrice Yehuda, and not that of Oriental Times

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