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MEDIA WAR: Checkout These Recent ‘Heavy Lies’ Against Nnamdi Kanu By ‘APC’

APC News TV, as it is called on Facebook known to be promoting the interest of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress earlier today published an alleged statement made by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu during his visit to former minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode.

The publication attracted a heavy backlash as many concluded that it is an APC propaganda meant to tarnish the reputation the IPOB leader worked hard to earn.

However, one of the members of the pro-Biafra group described the statement credited to Kanu as a lie by the APC led Nigerian government, he also stated that it is exactly the reason why federal government through Justice Binta Nyako restricted Nnamdi Kanu from granting interviews so he wouldn’t be able to defend himself when lied against.

IPOB member’s reaction:

The below Screenshot are lies from APC led Nigerian government. This is exactly why the Nigerian APC government through Justice Binta Nyako restricted Nnamdi Kanu who committed no crime from granting Interviews. Have you seen how deceitful this APC Nigerian government is? They restricted Nnamdi Kanu from granting interviews so that they will go about lying against him. Very unfortunate that this APC government dragged the hallowed chamber of justice to the mud. Nigerian APC government is making mockery of themselves. But, No matter how hard they try, they cannot stop the inevitable restoration of Biafra. We are committed to this Holy mission. Mentally we are strong and we shall battle Nigeria government and her murderous brown envelop media syndicates head-on. It is their duty to lie and it is our duty to expose their lies. We are ever ready to confront their lies no matter how they make it look. IPOB remains what it is and we are not mincing words when we say we are not aligning with politicians or that we are not interested in Nigerian evil politics. Go and tell this Nigeria APC government of lies to keep their lies coming. Biafrans are ever ready to expose them. SHAME TO THIS GOVERNMENT OF LIES AND DECEIT, NIGERIA IS A DISGRACE TO AFRICA AND THE WORLD AT LARGE. SHAME TO NIGERIA!!

Now the APC’s publication below:

Nnamdi Kanu Speaks after Freedom!

“I have no secession agenda. I don’t want to pull the Igbos out of Nigeria. Yes, I called Nigeria a zoo. A country of my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great, great grandparents, can’t possibly be a zoo. I am happy that what we set out to do has gained outstanding traction. Today, I have gained popularity far more than I desired. No other propaganda could have sold into the hearts of my Igbo brothers and sisters and drew sympathy than what I did on Radio Biafra.

“Radio Biafra became the thorn in the flesh of The Establishment. Day by day, we intensified our campaign against the Buhari government. That was the target and still remains the target. The Radio Biafra became an alternative voice for the PDP. The PDP as a party has never let me down. It is a partnership I have never regretted. As partners, the ultimate benefit of this mutuality is the democratic enthronement of a new government with the present occupants completely shut out. The 2015 loss should teach all of us some lesson.

“Today, my biggest fans, Gov. Fayose and Femi Fani-Kayode are of the Yoruba stock. Let me use this opportunity to apologize to the Yorubas, a race I have so denigrated in my previous speeches. I am sorry. With Fayose and FFK solidly behind me, we shall have a new Nigeria where the interest of all citizens will be protected. In the days ahead, I shall roll out a new style of communication that will not only unify Nigeria but make it a country of choice.”

– Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader telling his hosts.

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