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Oritsefemi’s Wife Reacts To Pregnancy Reports, Reveals How They Met

Oritsefemi's wife, Funke Nabbulla

Funke Nabbulla, wife of Nigerian singer, Oritsefemi has reacted to rumors in the media which suggests that she married the singer in a secret wedding because she was already pregnant for him.

Recall that the couple had tied the knot on April 21st at the singer’s Lekki home. Funke Nabilla in reaction to the claim debunked the report adding that she is yet to take in for the singer.

In an interview with Linda Ikeji’s Blog, the singer’s wife said: “No I am not pregnant now. Maybe I need to go to my doctor to do a pregnancy test. Maybe people are seeing what I am not seeing”.

Nabila further added that she did not know the singer physically until they met and started dating last year.

“Actually we met on my job. He is Oritsefemi but me I didn’t know him one on one. I know his music but I have never met him. It was later that we found out that we have been in a lot of events together. I didn’t know him physically. I didn’t know him. My company hired him for a customer and we were traveling round different cities in Nigeria and that was how we met but nothing happened on the job. I was just seeing him like a client. It was at the last city we went to which was Abuja that he sent me a message. We had an after party and he wanted me to like stay with him there but my colleagues were so not allowing that.

“They just told him no I can’t be with him. The next day I had a flight out of Abuja and he sent me a message asking if he can see me. We found out we lived not so far from each other. He asked that if he returned to Lagos can he call me and I said yes he can. He called me when he got to Lagos, we became friends. For me, at the beginning I was a bit skeptical because number one, I would never date someone that is out there. I always like something low profile. But meeting him, his personality is like different from what everybody knows. He is very shy, quiet. He is not just the Oritsefemi everybody knows. We became friends and then from friends we became more”

Nabilla who revealed she dated the singer for a year before she agreed to marrying him revealed that they had a lot of issues at first as she could not come to terms with the idea of dating an artiste.

“At the beginning we had a lot of issues because I wasn’t accepting I was dating an artist. I was still seeing him like I was dating a regular guy. We had to deal with isues of women and all the other stuffs. The thing that actually made me fall in love with him is because of the way he treats me. He is so caring. He is so intelligent and so smart. That is something people don’t know about him”.

She further revealed that she was at the Quilox club where her man had a fight last year.

She added: “We were toghether. I was there when the fight started. I knew how everything got started and that was the more reason we became closer. Femi never looks for trouble. Yes he is from Ajegunle but he never looks for trouble. Femi cannot even fight a guy. He is just a calm person. That day he was provoked, seriously provoked and he tried to keep himself but at some point, he reacted”

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