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No Girls Are Missing, Chibok Is A Scam – Asari Dokubo Insists

The leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Force, NDPSF, Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari has reacted to the recent news of release of 82 Chibok girls.

Asari who has always publicly doubted the abduction of the Chibok girls maintained that it is a scam saying that Chibok girls do not exist.

On his Facebook, he wrote:

The recently released Chibok girls all smiles as they head to meet President Buhari

“Simple logic will tell you that this is the continuation of the Chibok fraud….The government of Buhari claim to be killing Boko Haramites while they are throwing away their most prized trophies.
Pass the message…. No girls are missing…. Chibok is a scam.”

President Buhari receives the recently released Chibok girls

Sabella Abidde wrote… I tend to agree strongly..
For this government to say that “Chibok 2014” didn’t happen is to be complicit in a hoax no one thought would assume international dimension. In a way, it would give credence to Jonathan’s initial reluctance to do anything about it. His security people initially told him no such thing happened. And in fact, some people were joking about the matter at Jonathan’s expense. As was told to me, “It was initially intended to embarrass President Jonathan, make him appear uncaring and indifferent to the plight of the people. Make him look powerless in matters of national security.” It is too late for this government to admit it, too late for the APC people to say “all na joke ooo.” Boko Haram, along with their sponsors, are happy to claim “victory” over something they knew nothing about. So, every now and then, they release 5…15…30…80 girls – many looking as if they were coached to play certain parts. And as you noted: “how did they survive 3 years of captivity in under such terrible social conditions & material deprivation” and still look the way they look?

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