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BREAKING: I Want All Victims Of Nigeria’s Brutality Taken Care Of – Nnamdi Kanu

nnamdi kanu

Leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra and the director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, who was recently released after long incarceration in Kuje Prison in Abuja had a meeting with Chiamaka Abel, the head of National victim Support officers of IPOB where he was briefed about the welfare of victims of “Nigeria’s brutality” since the renewed agitation for Biafra under his command.

Chiamaka Abel has the report below:

He demanded a full briefing on the massacre of Biafrans while he was in detention especially the Nkpor carnage, how the victims are currently faring and also efforts made in ensuring that the families of those murdered are well taken care of as instructed.

In response, the support officer explained to him the hapless situation that some of the IPOB brethren are still facing; “some are still lying helplessly in different hospitals, some rendered homeless and others still incarcerated in various prisons across Nigeria” she answered.

On hearing the narration of the gory experience our people are passing through in the hands of the Islamic government of Buhari, the IPOB leader vowed to ensure that every single victim of Nigeria’s brutality is well taken care of so as to forestall any hostile situation that may arise as a result of it, and to also strenghten their resolve in the Biafra restoration project.

He further added, “I am back, everything will be put in place accordingly because I don’t want any of us to feel abandoned; we must try to bring back their trust and hope. I’m aggrieved to hear or see them suffer. They are there because of the love they have for me and our nation Biafra, and for that reason I must not let them down.”

In conclusion, he instructed all victim support officers to set out in search of our victimized brothers and sisters, and to ensure they put smile on their faces.

He also told them to make sure that all outstanding bills are made on behalf of those who are yet to be discharged as a result of their inability to offset their bill.

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