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Lady Beaten Mercilessly For Helping Co-Passenger Carry Her Child Who Ended Up Dying

A Nigerian lady has recounted a personal experience of how a woman got into trouble for carrying a co-passenger’s child who died.

The Twitter user narrated this in response to another tweet that warned parents with little kids to stop inconveniencing others by forcing co-passengers to carry their children for them.

The narrator, @shesamale, then detailed how a mother and her kids got on public transport and asked her to carry one of her children on her lap, to which she refused.

The tweep claimed the mother of the child begged another passenger to carry the child, to which they agreed, but while alighting from the bus, the child fell and died.

The co-passenger was reportedly beaten to a stupor afterwards as the mother of the child reportedly claimed the lady did something to her child and should be held responsible.

Shockingly, a good number of Twitter users on the post shared similar experiences, while some who had never heard of such vowed to stop helping strangers’ kids.

See the tweet below:

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