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World Cup: Eto’o Caught On Camera Brutalising Man In Qatar

Samuel Eto’o, the president of the Cameroon Football Association, was filmed attacking a man following Brazil’s 4-1 victory over South Korea in the World Cup’s round of 16 on Monday.

During an altercation, the former Barcelona striker was caught on camera kneeing a man in the head.

Eto’o is also one of Qatar’s “legacy ambassadors” for the tournament.

Monday night, outside Doha’s 974 Stadium, the former African Footballer of the Year confronted the fan who was filming him while he took selfies with fans.

After a short conversation with the cameraman, Eto’o became angry and would not stop attacking the white man.

In the viral video, the Cameroonian legend chased the man, who continued to back away.

Eto’o was seen giving his phone to someone to hold while a member of his entourage attempted to grab the camera from the man.

He broke free from the two men restraining him and attacked the man with the camera by kneeing him in the head.

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