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Buhari A Rejected Soul, Ghost And Shell Of His Former Self – Fani-Kayode


Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has described President Muhammadu Buhari as a broken and rejected soul, who is now a ghost of his former self.

He urged the cabal forcing him to remain in power to allow him resign so he could face his deteriorating health.

In an article entitled ‘The Mendacities Of The Apostles Of Corpocracy And The “Return” Of The Chibok Girls’, the PDP chieftain said the president had never attracted any meaningful thing to Nigeria except pity and sadness.

He wrote, “The President attracts nothing but pathos. He looks like a fallen character from a Shakespearean tragedy. He is a rejected and broken soul: a ghost and a shell of his former self.

“He needs to be pitied and he should be allowed to resign and to go home and rest in peace.

“Yet whatever Buhari chooses to do we must always remember that rebellion against a tyrant is an act of obedience to God. They may have today but tomorrow belongs to us.

“Opposition to corpocracy, subjugation, internal colonialism, slavery, religious bigotry, persecution, injustice, dehumanisation, the Apostles of hate and the evil cabal that have birthed and nurtured these vices is a divine injunction because the bible says we must “resist evil”.

Fani described the release of 82 of the Chibok girls as a scam and another avenue to diver the attention of Nigeria from the health of the president.

He said, “What is NOT missing cannot be found. Discerning Nigerians understand that the stories do not add up.

“Right now, a matter of urgent national importance arresting the attention of all and sundry is that of the President’s health. While I continue to pray, in conjunction with other Nigerians, for the President’s quick recovery, I condemn without equivocation this shameless playing on the intelligence and psyche of Nigerians taking undue advantage of the vexed issue of the so-called Chibok girls.

“It has become the style of this government to distract attention but the truth will be told some day. The questions are: which Chibok girls are they talking about? Chibok girls who purportedly were writing Physics WAEC examinations but cannot speak simple English? Chibok girls who were shielded from the media?

“Till today the media have not been allowed access to the so-called Chibok girls. When is the next batch of Chibok girls coming? When is the next make-believe? When there is the need for another cover-up, distraction and diversion of the people’s attention and focus, they will fly their usual kite and sell the self-same jaded dummy. It is very unfortunate that we brought ourselves to this sorry pass”.

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