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We Want Middle Belt Republic – New Secessionist Call Hits Nigeria

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It is time to let the Nigerian government and the world know about the “Republic of the Middle Belt”. The citizens of the Middle Belt have watched with keen interest over the years, the policies, actions and decisions taken so far by different administrations upon issues ranging from ethnicity to religion, politics to economics and many more, and have therefore decided not to keep quiet any longer but begin to peacefully agitate for independence and sovereignty of the area as a nation.

We have observed that the nonstop conflicts of different types in various parts of the country between two or more parties have come to stay because we have been forced to live together as one even when it is obvious that we don’t want to be one.

It is true that Boko Haram terrorists have killed and are still killing innocent people in the country and destroying properties worth billions of naira if not trillions. It is also true that Fulani herdsmen have killed and are still killing the people and taking over their farmland in order to feed their cattle as these animals seem to be more valuable than the people. It is very true that militants in Niger Delta have bombed and destroyed oil pipelines, caused a great reduction in the production of crude oil and are still doing more because their place is still underdeveloped while the money realized from the sales of crude oil has been used to develop other places.

Therefore, all the above listed conflicts and more can be resolved amicably if the right thing is done. The Nigerian government and the world should know that we cannot continue being together forever and there is need for any group that thinks it can stand on its own and survive to begin to prepare and agitate for her independence. At this point, I wish to appeal that the Nigerian government should peacefully approve the independence of Biafra and any other group that has the capacity and wish to be detached from Nigeria in order to allow peace, unity and progress to reign

Notwithstanding, we cannot continue to live together with the people who value their cattle more than us, we cannot stay together with the people who are always killing us in the name of their religion, we will not go on living together with the people who want us to practice their religion against our will or wish, we are tired of living together with the people who have taken leadership to be their birthright, we will no longer stay together with the people who talk peace with the mouth but do the opposite in their action. Enough is enough.

Nevertheless, “Middle Belt Citizens” can neither go with Biafra nor remain with Nigeria. Therefore, there is need to let the Nigerian government and the world know that the “Middle Belt” is equal to the task and wish to be independent and be known as “Federal Republic of Middle Belt”.

This is a welcome idea that should not be ignored. We want a country of our own, we want our independence and we want the Federal Republic of Middle Belt. This is a very peaceful agitation that should not give room for any arrests.

Awunah Pius Terwase, wrote from Mpape, Abuja via

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