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Quit Notice: All Yorubas Should Leave North Now – Afenifere Chieftain Okurounmu





Afenifere chieftain, Femi Okurounmu has urged all Yorubas and other Southerners in the North to come back home.

Okurounmu told SUN Newspaper the quit notice is not directed at the Igbos alone and advised Yorubas in the north to move home too so as to avoid violence that might erupt after the 3 months given by northern youths.


He said:“This quit notice by the northern youths should not be seen by any wise Southerner as being meant for only people from the South-East, or that it is an empty threat.

“These northern youths meant business, and not only that, they have the backing of the northern elders, who have not only expressed their support for the youths, but have also affirmed their backing for the quit notice given to the South-Easterners.


“These Northerners should not be underrated, and one of the major reasons we are insisting that all Southerners should start coming back to the South now is that when these attacks on them begin, the Northerners will attack all Southerners.

“How are they going to separate a Yoruba from Igbo? It is going to be difficult. Southerners shouldn’t be gullible. They should start coming home now.


“They should not wait until the end of the ultimatum. We don’t want a repeat of 1966-1967 pogrom, when hundreds of people of Southern origin, especially those from the South-East were massacred in the North.

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