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#OurMumuDonDo: Charly Boy And The Covering Of Our Collective Nakedness By Modiu Olaguro




#ourmumudondo, Charly Boy

The June 12 topless march organized via Charly Boy’s platform, #OurMumuDonDo is a signal to the existence of the never-dying spirit of the human condition.

You’d think nothing of value could ever come out of our musicians and entertainers except the analyses of breasts and balls until yesterday. Alas, the black pot still has enough white edible inside of it!


Charly Boy’s bold move and alignment with the most wretched black population reminds one of Fela Kuti, Lucky Dube and a host of other artists who, although swim in oceans of wealth and streams of comfort, remain true to the noblest ideal of our shared humanity.

The idiots whom the creature in his wisdom (he knows best, doesn’t he?) unfortunately planted in our midst saw no good in the demonstration beyond the bare chest the men clad themselves in and a somewhat decorous one by their female counterparts.


These idiots, these calculated idiots, whose idiocy is further magnified by a lethal combination of the extreme darkness of religiosity and ethnicity believe shouting 7 Hallelujahs and 7 Allahu Akbars could in isolation, wipe the excruciating suffering artificially induced by the Criminals in Power who have bought the front row and front mat in their Churches and Mosques respectively.

These idiots, these certificated idiots, who watch as the nation is being turned into a wasteland delude themselves that a roundtable discussion could turn the table against the oppressors. It is this puerile mindset that sets them against any movement rooted in radicalism such that before the stinking bourgeoisie who oppress us economically and politically lift a finger, the litany of idiots would have mounted the dais to deliver a counter fatwa.


Charly Boy asked that we open our chests to put some honor in us. To the husband who drops N200 as soup money; the father who watches as his children dress in patched clothing; the mother who as a result of poverty teaches the newest puberty in town that sanitary pad is not as good as tissue…

Aren’t you all naked?


Is the world not counting the number of strands between our legs already?

Modiu Olaguro is a masters student at the University of Lagos. You can reach him at [email protected]

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