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Are Nigerian Hotels Becoming “Human-Slaughtering” Houses?




By Sampson Uhuegbu

It was on November 5, 2021, that one Timothy Oludare Adegoke; a student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, who was said to be running his Master’s Degree programme was gruesomely murdered in his hotel room by yet- to- be identified persons. Unfortunately, management of the hotel he lodged in has denied responsibility of the Killing.


This is indeed, a sad one and horrible. It was even alleged that he paid the sum of Thirty Seven Thousand Naira (N37,000) for the three days he would spend in the hotel- but unknowningly to the deceased that it was going to be his last day on earth.

Strangling to death of hotels guests in this country is becoming terribly rampant and it appears either the culprits might have been going scot-free or corresponding rewards and punishments are not meted to the perpetrators of this wicked act. Human life is precious; and on account should a hospitality industry where a person may have been killed should be allowed to exist irrespective of social or political status of its operator.


According to statistics, over Two Million (2, 000,000) hotel lodgers across the Thirty Six States of the country; including the Federal Capital Territory, had been killed during wee hours of the night in their various rooms- with their lifeless bodies carted away for ritual reasons. No wonder number of hotels in Nigeria is rising on daily basis without being checkmated by the states and Federal Governments whose responsibility is to safeguard lives and property.

It is becoming terrible that human life is nolonger sacredly regarded. Ritual killers now boldly partner with hotel owners to butcher their unsuspecting customers like fowls? Mysterious missing persons today whose whereabouts are yet unknown could be attributed to their killings right in their hotel rooms; while their relatives kept searching for them left, right and centre of the State.


Sadly, It has been observed that hotels’ owners arrange with ritualists to obtain human parts like; heads, woman’s breast, genitals, intestines, Kidney, Liver, Tongues and other sensitive parts they feel could be profitable for their ritualistic purposes just to get rich overnight. Indeed, hotel businesses are booming today due to high patronage of emigrants from the overseas and are ready to pay for any amount they are billed. Is their safety not supposed to be the paramount?

A hotel, at it is well built and furnished by the proprietor or proprietress, is supposed to be a second home to the Lodgers and not a slaughter house. A person who checks- in a hotel is under mandate to be protected by the management against any form of attacks- be it known or unkwown. Qualitative security is supposedly quaranteed to the guests.


Regrettably, notable Nigerians and foreigners had been murdered in their Hotel rooms without any penalty meted on the suspected killers by the government. Today, kidnappers’ houses are pulled down by the government. Why should same measures not taken on any Hotel that is proved to have been killing its guests. The world is becoming evil and getting out of hand because nobody is ready to make a difference. States’ Ministries of Tourism; in conjunction with Police Command should immediately set up a Monitoring Committee who would be positioned in hotels; saddling with the responsibility of making sure that lives of those that checked- in are secured.

We are dissatisfied with the criminal justice system in that regard. Nigerians are disgruntled. Police should do the needful. Everyone is condemning this menace and we are wondering why States Governors and President Muhammadu Buhari should not address this urgly development.


Also, let it be mandated that any Hotel whose customer is murdered under whatever guise, stands the risk of being pulled down. These killings are badly increasing because the perpetrators have not been mercilessly dealt with by the security agents and the judiciary. For Christ sake, there should be accurate justice for those who cryout for fair- hearing over their innocent loved ones deaths that are perverted just because the killer is highly connected to those in the corridors of power. How could someone loose his life at the mercy of carelessness of Hotel management? Why has the Federal government remained unconcerned over this disturbing menace that is ravaging our society today? Why should they feel less- concerned over this despicable issue that is highly condemnable?

On the other hand, intending lodgers should try to search the hotel rooms properly before they retire into the room. Sometimes, many were mudered unkwowningly to the victims that the killers hid in the same rooms they lodged. A security experts have advised the public should always inform their family members whenever they want to lodge in hotel.


Also, one should have a discerning spirit to read countenance of the hotel staff as that would tell him whether he would come out safe or not. Ritualists now hide under the guise of hotel owners to secretly butcher people without being INTERROGATED.

According to one 41 year – old Michael Adeniyi who narrated how he escaped being murdered hotel room, in Lagos, alleged that they want to use him for ritual purposes, adding that when he reached out to the management of the hotel, they pleaded with him not to report the incident to the police.


He said, “l was unfortunate enough to book a room in the hotel on the 10th of March, 2021. I escaped death only by divine providence. Their antecedents proved the fact that they are in the business of killing people for ritual purposes”.I was brutally attacked in my room 45 in commando-style by three dreaded able-bodied young men, who broke into my room but to their greatest surprise, I was able to escape after using my last strength to beat the particular one blocking the exit door.”

Therefore, sanity is supposed to be restored in the hotel industry because security of lives and property are important.

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